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Could anything be more fundamental in life and science than energy? And be more various and mysterious? Energy may be the term we use most often without quite knowing what it means. So how do you begin to plumb the many meanings of energy?


  • The Road Less Traveled to Fusion Energy: This privateer is developing a way to power the world with water and borax, by Corey S. Powell
  • Rex Was a Slacker: A natural wonder of the big therapod was how it conserved energy, by Mark MacNamara
  • Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest: A story for my grandaughter about oxygen, evolution, and our planet’s fate, by Walter Murch

This issue also includes contributions from: Marco Altamirano, Mark Anderson, Anastasia Bendebury, Kitty Ferguson, Brian Gallagher, Dirk Hanson, Aaron Hirsh, Liqun Luo, Steve Nadis, Sidney Perkowitz, Caleb Scharf, Susan Schneider, and Michael Shilo DeLay.