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Off the pedestal

Genius is a category that is both important and not well understood. Is genius accomplishment or talent? Social construct or hard fact? Derivative of intellect or something else? Restricted to humans? An evolutionary advantage, or a weed?

  • Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming: Genetic engineering will one day create the smartest humans who have ever lived, by Stephen Hsu
  • Shakespeare’s Genius Is Nonsense: What the Bard can teach science about language and the limits of the human mind, by Jillian Hinchliffe & Seth Frey
  • If You Think You’re a Genius, You’re Crazy: Both geniuses and madmen pay attention to what others ignore, by Dean Keith Simonton
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Wesley Allsbrook, David Auerbach, Kevin Berger, Jim Davies, Neal Hartman, Jude Isabella, Mark MacNamara, Kat McGowan, Darrin M. McMahon, Andrew O’Hehir Barrie Potter, Lydia Pyne, Iyad Rahwan, Michael Segal, and Tom Siegfried.