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The places that matter

They say that home is the place where they have to take you in. Is it? From stellar birth clusters and allergic adaption, to symbiotic evolution and our personal microbiome, Nature has its own definitions of home. And our own ideas are shifting: Our physical homes are under renovation, and what we do at home is changing. Home births, home offices, home schooling … homepages?

  • Beer Domesticated Man: Early man chose pints over pastry. Wouldn’t you? By Gloria Dawson
  • The Caveman’s Home Was Not a Cave: Our picture of man’s early home had been skewed by modern preconceptions, by Jude Isabella
  • A.I. Has Grown Up and Left Home: It matters only that we think, not how we think, by David Auerbach
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Joseph Baneth Allen, Susanne Bauer, Adrienne Berard, Lee Billings, Sarah Blacker, Moheb Costandi, Colin Ellard, Steve Erickson, Katherine Gammon, Nils Güttler, Mary Ellen Hannibal, Alexander Kumar, Corey S. Powell, Dominic Preziosi, Martina Schlünder, Ian Tattersall, Pamela Weintraub, Thomas Wu, and Zach Zorich.