In Plain Sight


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Cognitive distortions like selective attention are how we keep ourselves happy. As we age, we increasingly focus on happy memories, and place more emphasis on emotional regulation than on information accuracy.

  • Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think: In studies of children and historical figures, IQ falls short as a measure of success, by Dean Keith Simonton
  • Have Balloons and Ice Broken the Standard Model? How five anomalous events at two neutrino experiments provide evidence for supersymmetry, by Michael Segal
  • The Selfish Dataome: Does the data we provide serve us, or vice versa? By Caleb Scharf
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Kevin Berger, Ivan Berman, Daniel M. Davis, Brian Gallagher, Aleksandr Kapitonov, Britt Peterson, Julie Sedivy, Gavin Van Horn, and Tom Vanderbilt.