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The elements of motion

This issue is all about life in motion, from electrons in microchips to proteins in cells to ocean tankers to planets wandering the cosmos. Over and over we are surprised to find that “just getting there” is an integral part of our world, and something that defines it.

  • Unhappy Truckers and Other Algorithmic Problems: Transportation optimization starts with math, and ends with human behavior, by Tom Vanderbilt
  • Roadmap to Alpha Centauri: Pick your favorite travel mode—big, small, light, dark, or twisted, by George Musser
  • The Box That Built the Modern World: How shipping containers made distance irrelevant, by Andrew Curry
  • This issue also includes contributions from: David Biello, Stephen Cass, Kelly Clancy, Sally Davies, Gloria Dawson, Scott Geiger, Elizabeth Howell, William Hanson, Jonathan M. Katz, Lisa Kaltenegger, Justin Nobel, Anna North, Richard Panek, Julia Scott, Benjamin Seibold, John Upton, and Chelsea Wald.