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More than you know

When it comes to intelligence, the mind is overrated. We explore body intelligence and emotional intelligence, and finer still, cellular intelligence. We peer into the black boxes of artificial intelligence, where the future looks dangerous. The intelligences in the sciences, and of the sciences, are without bounds.

The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming: Will the world now wake up to the global threat of zoonotic diseases? By Kevin Berger

How to Make Sense of Quantum Physics: Superdeterminism, a long-abandoned idea, may help us overcome the current crisis in physics, by Sabine Hossenfelder & Tim Palmer

Why I Built a Dumb Cell Phone with a Rotary Dial: You too can build a phone that feels good to use. Some soldering required. by Justine Haupt 

This issue also includes contributions from Lisa Feldman Barrett, Robert Bazell, Aubrey Clayton, Ilan Kelman, Scott Koenig, James Lovelock, Dana Mackenzie, Mark MacNamara, Joseph Mazur, Rahul Parikh, Sidney Perkowitz, & Gaia Vince.