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More than words

We look at how language elevates our spirits and lets them down. We delve into its origins in our animal ancestors and show that while language may distinguish us from our animals, it also links us to them. Language, we show, shapes our thoughts, but also frees them.

This Core Structure Unites All Human Languages: Language builds meaning through self-similarity, by David Adger

Consciousness Doesn’t Depend on Language: We share the basic experience of life with all mammals, by Christof Koch

Talking Is Throwing Fictional Worlds at Each Other: A linguist exposes the inner truths about language, by Kevin Berger

This issue also includes contributions from: Jamie Hodgkins, Leon Horsten, Anna Ivanova, Anthony King, Kenneth S. Kosik, Mark W. Moffett, Julie Sedivy, Susan Schneider, and Chelsea Wald.