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Fields of vision

Where does the story of life and light begin? Maybe with the fact that most life on Earth runs on sunlight, or that starlight may have set the direction in which all of Earth’s biomolecules spiral. But, when most of us cannot see the Milky Way, and glowing screens have shifted our circadian rhythms, have we had too much light, and can we win darkness back?

  • Falling in Love with the Dark: One astronomer has taken to U.S. National Parks to rekindle an old romance, by Todd Pitock
  • Drowning in Light: Technology has fed our addiction to light, and might help us end it, by Dirk Hanson
  • Why Physicists Make Up Stories in the Dark: In unseen worlds, science invariably crosses paths with fantasy, by Philip Ball
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Mark Anderson, Lee Billings, Brendan Borrell, Ron Cowen, Kitty Ferguson, Caspar Henderson, Katherine Hobson, Jonathon Keats, Brandon Keim, Sharona Muir, Justin Nobel, Mark Peplow, John Steele, and Zach Zorich