Love & Sex

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Love & Sex
Ties that bind

Scientists can be in love, of course, overcome by its joys, overwhelmed by its pains. But when they put on their lab coats, love and sex are all about the caudate nucleus and dopamine. But the science of love doesn’t shuttle romance to the wilderness. Science is a light on our path to understand ourselves and the world’s fullness. This issue is all about that journey.


  • Show Me How to Say No to This: How drugs today can cure a crushing love, by Brian D. Earp & Julian Savulescu
  • Gender Is What You Make of It: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and the relationship that changed social science, by Charles King
  • How Life Could Continue to Evolve: On the origin of an interstellar species, by Caleb Scharf

This issue also includes contributions from: Robert Bazell, Kevin Berger, Jonathan Bines, Alice Fleerackers, Brian Gallagher, Aaron Hirsh, Charlotte Decroes Jacobs, Jill Neimark, and Steve Paulson.