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How nature comes together

Since the beginning, scientists have been dividing reality into increasingly smaller bits: atoms, quarks, proteins, genes. As the list of parts has multiplied, so have their possible interactions, making the boundaries around scientific disciplines increasingly porous. From polymers to parasites, and genes to galaxies, our world is replete with wheelers and dealers, and hosts more shotgun weddings than Las Vegas.

  • The Unique Merger That Made You (and Ewe, and Yew): All sophisticated life on the planet Earth may owe its existence to one freakish event, by Ed Yong
  • Trying Not to Try: Modern science and Chinese philosophy tell us similar stories about how we think, by Edward Slingerland
  • Is It Normal to Hoard? Hoarding shows us at our best, and worst, by David Wallis
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Emily Anthes, Jason Anthony, Adrienne Berard, Eric Edsinger, Adreas Hejnol, Virginia Hughes, Amy Maxmen, Thaïs Miller, Steve Nadis, Henry Nicholls, Adam Piore, Tim Requarth, Daniel Wolf Savin, Caleb Scharf, Jason Stajich, Pamela Weintraub, and Katie Bo Williams.