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Engines of change

Mutations make us what we are, linking and blurring the harmful and the helpful. Even the most intricate biological mechanisms, with the most important functions, are already slipping into the future to do something else. In this issue, we trace the outlines of a world that is continually abandoning and inventing itself, often with our help, creating and destroying as it goes.

  • America Is Getting the Science of Sun Exposure Wrong: Why U.S. dermatologists won’t base recommendations on skin color, by Jessica Seigel
  • How the Mormons Conquered America: The success of the Mormon religion is a study in social adaptation, by Michael Fitzgerald
  • If the World Began Again, Would Life as We Know It Exist? Experiments in evolution are exploring what would happen if we rewound the tape of life, by Zach Zorich
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Robert Hackett, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, David Kordahl, Tim McDonnell, Maggie McKee, and Lina Zeldovich.