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Peering into the void

Nothingness is a category that stands apart from all others, defying description and tracing the boundaries of our knowledge. Forever trying to banish it and explain it away, we are also endlessly fascinated with it. From virtual particles filling the vacuum, to the invention of zero, to Sartre’s claim that nothingness lies at the heart of being, we’ve been thinking about nothingness for a while.

  • This Is Your Brain on Silence: Contrary to popular belief, peace and quiet is all about the noise in your head, by Daniel A. Gross
  • Why We Can’t Rule Out Bigfoot: How the null hypothesis keeps the hairy hominid alive, by Carl Zimmer
  • Loyalty Nearly Killed My Beehive: My queen was a dud, and her replacement had been murdered, by John Knight
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Greg Beato, Meehan Crist, Sarah DeWeerdt, Elie Dolgin, Rob Dunn, Matthew R. Francis, Amanda Gefter, Asaf Hanuka, Sam Harris, Leon Horsten, Yu Hua, Ferris Jabr, Alan Lightman, Alisa Opar, and Benjamin Seibold.