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Gone viral

It’s a time like none other for us for Nautilus, as it is for every publication. What can we do to help you understand what’s happening to us? That’s the question that drives every article we’ve done and are planning to do on the coronavirus pandemic.


  • The Ecological Vision That Will Save Us: To avoid the next pandemic, we need a reckoning with our place in nature, by Kevin Berger
  • Guided by Plant Voices: Plants talk to this ecologist. They tell her how to do better science. By Steve Paulson
  • How COVID-19 Will Pass from Pandemic to Prosaic: Past outbreaks show the way to relief, even without a vaccine, by Anastasia Bendebury & Michael Shilo DeLay

This issue also includes contributions by: Robert Bazell, Jim Davies, Lydia Denworth, Alice Fleerackers, Jonathan Fuller, Brian Gallagher, Joe Jones, Brandon Keim, David Krakauer, Max Kutner, Mario Livio, Mark MacNamara, Christopher Moore, Walter Murch, Cailin O’Connor, Toby Ord, Dan Rockmore, John Upton, and Owen Weatherall.