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Hidden figures

There is something beguiling about the possibility that the letters making up our DNA are also used somewhere far away. On the other hand, the lack of any such message may make the stronger point, telling us that the meaning we’re looking for is scattered across a much broader canvas, and ours to discover.

  • Why We Stink at Tackling Climate Change: Global threats result from human culture outrunning human biology, by David P. Barash
  • The Math That Takes Newton Into the Quantum World: How a math professor learned to stop worrying and love algebraic geometry, by John Baez
  • Gustav Klimt in the Brain Lab: What is neuroscience doing to art? By Kevin Berger
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Patchen Barss, Juan Collar, Becca Cudmore, Brian Gallagher, Evelyn Lamb, Grace Lindsay, George Musser, Elizabeth Preston, and Mark J. Reid.