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The other way around 

The importance of perspective in science cannot be understated and yet often is. From the outside, science can seem like a common noun, a smooth and untextured monolith containing the Truth. But science is a method and not a body of knowledge, and it is practiced by fallible humans.

  • You’re Descended From Royalty So Is Everybody Else: Anybody you can name from ancient history is in your family tree, by Adam Rutherford
  • The Stick Is an Unsung Hero of Human Evolution: Stone’s silent sister in the archaeological record, by Alexander Langlands
  • Antonio Damasio Tells Us Why Pain Is Necessary: The neuroscientist explains why feelings evolved, by Kevin Berger
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Mazviita Chirimuuta, Antonio Damasio, William Firebrace, Bob Henderson, Ann Hulbert, Brandon Keim, Fouad Khan, and Mike Mariani.