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Now what?

 We open this month’s theme, “Quandary,” with articles that rebalance the fear that science is out of control, that playing God has set humanity on an inexorable path of destruction. This issue presents new essays, articles, and interviews that crack open quandaries in manifold fields of science.

  • Are Animal Experiments Justified? A neuroscientist confronts his anguish over experimenting on animals, by Grigori Guitchounts
  • The Worth of an Angry God: How supernatural beliefs allowed societies to bond and spread, by Brian Gallagher
  • Yes Determinists, There Is Free Will: You make choices even if your atoms don’t, by George Musser
  • This issue also includes contributions from: David P. Barash, Lorna Coppinger, Raymond Coppinger, Bob Goldstein, Ferris Jabr, Ayalur Krishnan, Tania Lombrozo, Gary Marcus, Steve Paulson, Robert Sapolsky, Bonnie Tsui, and Jamil Zaki.