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Are you feeling lucky?

Risk is at the heart of poker. You might win it all. You might lose it all. But nobody succeeds without taking it. The trick is to understand that internal calculus. Analyze and understand it to the point where the cliff from which you’re jumping feels safe.


  • The Greatest Journey of All Time: How the first Americans made their way from Siberia to Patagonia, by Gillen D’Arcy Wood
  • The Contagion Detective: Adam Kucharski explains how diseases like COVID-19 and misinformation spread, by Steve Paulson
  • The Things We Can’t Control Are Beautiful: How Maria Konnikova found enlightenment at the poker table, by Kevin Berger

This issue also includes contributions from Bob Henderson, David Krakauer, Caleb Scharf, Coltan Scrivner, and Geoffrey West.