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Choosing to know

Even Mother Nature can seem reluctant to choose, keeping cats both dead and alive, and running up a large multiverse tab. By some accounts, there is no such thing as time, or events, which means that what we experience as choices are just mathematical solutions to distant boundary value problems.

  • The Problem with Modern Romance Is Too Much Choice: Are we happier with few or many choices? One subject settles the debate—dating, by Elizabeth Svoboda
  • How Einstein and Schrödinger Conspired to Kill a Cat: The rise of fascism shaped Schrödinger’s cat fable, by David Kaiser
  • Only Street Dogs Are Real Dogs: Purebreds don’t satisfy the biological definition of a species, by Raymond Coppinger & Lorna Coppinger
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Philip Ball, David P. Barash, Kate Becker, Bella DePaulo, Joann Greco, Amelia Kahaney, Adam Kucharski, Kate Marvel, Ankur Paliwal, Alex Pentland, David Antonio Perezcassar, Abby Rabinowitz, Michael Segal, Scott Solomon, and Tom Vanderbilt.