Something Green

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Something Green
We are the environment

Feeling connected to nature is important. It inspires empathy and a desire to preserve what is being lost. But empathy is not enough. Conservation is about sustaining ourselves in tune with nature. Highlighting the threads of that harmony is where science comes in, and where this issue of Nautilus follows.


  • Dawn of the Heliocene: Why the next geological epoch should be named for when we tapped the sun’s energy, by Summer Praetorius
  • The Fungal Evangelist Who Would Save the Bees: How mushrooms could solve colony collapse disorder, by Merlin Sheldrake
  • The Human Error Darwin Inspired: How the demotion of Homo sapiens led to environmental destruction, by Aaron Hirsh

This issue also includes contributions by: Anastasia Benbebury, Kevin Berger, Anne Biklé, Michael Shilo DeLay, Liz Greene, Marissa Grunes, Mark MacNamara, David R. Montgomery, Mike Newland, Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Andreas Weber.