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Strained relations

Stress is a complicated adversary. It is a silent killer, but a little bit is good for you. Pushing things and people past their usual boundaries has made the world the way it is, and naturally involves the unknown. Would we want it any other way?

  • What I Learned From Losing $200 Million: The 2008 financial crisis taught me about the illusion of control, and how to give it up, by Bob Henderson
  • What Your Microbiome Wants for Dinner: You may think twice about your diet when you follow the metabolic fate of your food, by David R. Montgomery & Anne Bikle
  • A Vaccine for Depression: Ketamine’s remarkable effect bolsters a new theory of mental illness, by Taylor Beck
  • This issue also includes contributions from Kevin Berger, Andrew Curry, Dalton Conley, Alex Drozdov, Mikhail Eremets, Matthew R. Francis, Matthew Hutson, Ferris Jabr, David Kushner, Mike Newland, Ankur Paliwal, Jena Pincott, Simone M. Scully, Edward Tenner, Chelsea Wald, and Gillen D’Arcy Wood.