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Sum of the parts

Systems can surprise us. Out of neurons comes consciousness. Out of cars, traffic jams. Just as interesting as these emergent properties, but less discussed, are submergent properties, in which the causal arrow points down rather than up. The group changes the individual. 

  • There Is No Such Thing as Unconscious Thought: A behavioral scientist unravels one of our most cherished conceptions, by Nick Chater
  • Do Religious People Really Have a Problem with Evolution? My journey into the middle ground of the science-religion culture war, by Jordan Collver
  • Is This Man the Elon Musk of E-Waste? Eric Lundgren’s electric car goes farther than a Tesla. He’s also ging to prison. By Yogi Hendlin
  • This issue also features contributions from: Kevin Berger, Andrew Curry, Madeline Gressel, Daniel Grossman, Mark L. Hineline, Andrew Leonard, Claire North, Blake Morris, and Matthew Sedacca.