The Absurd


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Beyond reason 

The absurd has a way of crystallizing our thinking. Satire spurs social change. Extreme coincidences in the fundamental constants of physics challenge us to reconsider our metaphysics. We got where we are with the help of the absurd. Without it, life would be strange indeed.

  • Why Your Brain Hates Other People: And how to make it think differently, by Robert Sapolsky
  • The Impossible Mathematics of the Real World: Near-miss math provides exact representations of almost-right answers, by Evelyn Lamb
  • When Neurology Becomes Theology: A neurologist’s perspective on research into consciousness, by Robert A. Burton
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Kevin Berger, Richard G. Bribiescas, Finn Brunton, Jordana Cepelewicz, Jorge Cham, Ben Ehrlich, Ben Freivogel, Madison Krieger, Ben Nadler, Steven Nadler, Helen Nissenbaum, Ansel Payne, Corey S. Powell, Kim Stanley Robinson, Daniel Whiteson, and Noson S. Yanofsky.