The Dark Side

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The Dark Side
Where there is light

The darkness is coming after the light. That’s what life during this pandemic feels like. Ultimately it will be science that will quench the virus and restore the light. That’s what science has always done—shown the way out of confusion and despair, illuminated nature, within and without us. This issue follows the light of science at work. But it also exposes its dark side.


  • The Neurons That Appeared from Nowhere: How an accident led to what could be a medical revolution, by Nayanah Siva
  • Are You Yoda or Darth Vader? How to recognize your dark and light sides, by Brian Gallagher
  • The Universe Knows Right from Wrong: A proponent of panpsychism argues moral truth is inherent in consciousness, by Philip Goff

This issue also includes contributions from: Laura Ball, David P. Barash, Kevin Berger, Daniel Sudarsky, Jo Marchant, Raphaël Millière, Sidney Perkowitz, Corey S. Powell, and Caleb Scharf.