The Story of Nautilus


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The nautilus, our namesake, is the subject of science, math and myth

Behold the humble nautilus. We became interested in it here at Nautilus because, well, we stole its name. But also because (for a mollusk) it represents a remarkable intersection of science, math, myth, and culture. Since that is exactly the kind of intersection we love to write about, we decided to put together a little “teaser” issue all about it.

  • Math as Myth: What looks like the golden ratio is sometimes just fool’s gold, by Samuel Arbesman
  • In the Mind of the Fractal King: A reconstructed interview on life and fractals, by Michael Segal
  • Ingenious: Nautilus and Me – My wonderful, dangerous life with the amazing nautilus, by Peter Ward
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Robert Burton and Lina Zeldovich