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Out of order

Is turbulence simply the breakdown of order? Or is it, in fact, order by another name? Cosmic winds, the human heartbeat, and financial markets all have it. What commonalities persist among all these examples? Can turbulence be controlled, and should we try?

  • Fruits and Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You: Antioxidant vitamins don’t stress us like plants do—and don’t have their beneficial effect, by Moises Velasquez-Manoff
  • The Scientific Problem That Must Be Experienced: To understand turbulence we need the intuitive perspective of art, by Philip Ball
  • Dude, Where’s My Frontal Cortex: There’s a method to the madness of the teenage brain, by Robert Sapolsky
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Mark Anderson, Emily Anthes, David Berreby, Kelly Clancy, Danielle Elliot, David Grinspoon, Dana Mackenzie, Jill Neimark, Justin Nobel, Alex Riley, John Steele, Manasi Vaidya, Tom Vanderbilt, and Kirsten Weir.