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The science within

Science is a journey into the unseen, the hidden, the unknown. It’s a journey into the human brain to uncover the neural connections that guide our behavior in the dark, outside the light of conscious awareness. Seismic forces, slowly shifting tectonic plates, the earth remaking itself, are happening beneath our feet, and we above want to know how. So many of the answers are out of sight, but in this issue of Nautilus, we’re going into the underworlds to find them.

Why We’re Drawn Into Darkness: Author Robert MacFarlane on the awe and horror of subterranean places, by Steve Paulson

The Implant That Can Control Your Brain: This nanoscale device meshes seamlessly with your neurons, by Brian Gallagher

Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees: Plants communicate, nurture their seedlings, and get stressed, by Brandon Keim

This issue also includes contributions from Jonathan Berger, Robert A. Burton, Benjamin Ehrlich, Aisling Irwin, Robert MacFarlane, Susie Neilson, and Elizabeth Svoboda.