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Controlling variables in search of a hypothetical result is one of the most important methods in science. But the concept of variables is not limited to methodology. A variable is a reminder that a shift in perception can spring us from cliché and deepen our knowledge and understanding.

  • The Well-Meaning Bad Ideas Spoiling a Generation: Psychologist Jonathan Haidt on politics, morality, and the coddling of the American mind, by Brian Gallagher
  • A Magician Explains Why We See What’s Not There: Our brain is constantly picturing what the future should be, by Gustav Kuhn 
  • How Imagination Will Save Our Cities: Scientists might need to take a cue from artists to adapt our cities for climate change, by Paul Dobraszczyk
  • This issue also contains contributions from: David Berreby, Aubrey Clayton, Henkjan Honing, Jim Kozubek, Simon Parkin, Steve Paulson, John Pavlus, and Moises Velasquez-Manoff.