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Endings and beginnings

This issue tackles something we don’t like to think about. But not only is waste everywhere on our land, in our oceans, and even in space—it is also useful. It drives innovation, creates wealth, teaches us about the past, and is a kind of currency in systems from biology to physics.

  • How to Waste Time Properly: The right distractions can boost creativity, by Greg Beato
  • You Are Made of Waste: Searching for the ultimate example of recycling? Look in the mirror, by Curt Stager
  • Nature, the IT Wizard: Nature manages information, the currency of life, with exquisite efficiency, by Kelly Clancy
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Patchen Barss, Alan S. Brown, Ron Cowen, Yevgeniy Dodis, Brandon Keim, Norman Mayersohn, Jenny Morber, Adam Piore, Sean H. Rice, Andrew Santella, Eliza Strickland, John Upton, Chelsea Wald, and Luisa Zielinski.