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Beneath the surface

What could we not know about water? As it turns out, plenty. It covers most of the Earth, but is regularly in short supply. It is intimately involved in the processes of life, but life on other planets may not need it. It is inscrutable and unpredictable, but we try to price it. The debates show no signs of ending.

  • Five Things We Still Don’t Know About Water: From steam to ice, water continues to mystify, by Richard Saykally
  • The Real Landscapes of the Great Flood Myths: In Tibet, a geologist learns how folk stories may record actual catastrophes, by David R. Montgomery
  • Why Discovering Martians Could Be Disappointing: There are two kinds of extraterrestrial life with very different implications, by Tim Folger
  • This issue also includes contributions from Camille Alexa, Philip Ball, Jennifer Barone, Brian Gallagher, Michael Green, Andrew Leonard, Dana Mackenzie, Kate Marvel, Peter Moore, Regan Penaluna, Corey S. Powell, Elizabeth Preston, and Pamela Weintraub.