What Makes You So Special


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The puzzle of human uniqueness 

What’s the biggest statement science has made about humans and our place in the universe in the past few hundred years? The answer suggested itself immediately: We’ve been told that we just aren’t very important. This was a bit of a surprise. Where was this narrative of mediocrity coming from, and, more importantly, was it true?

  • Where Uniqueness Lies: The ultimate treasure hunt for the key in our brains that unlocks our difference, by Gary Marcus
  • Encounters with the Posthuman: As bodies meld with machines, are we leaving ourselves behind? By Sally Davies
  • The Cosmopolitan Ape: Empathy, morality, community, culture—apes can have it all! By Steve Paulson
  • This issue also includes contributions from: James H. Brown, Jeanne Carstensen, Rose Eveleth, Mike Gelprin, Jonathon Keats, Brandon Keim, Dusica Sue Malesevic, Kat McGowan, Robert Sapolsky, Neil Savage, Caleb Scharf, and Amos Zeeberg.