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There’s a beautiful medley of science, art, and the ever-enticing unexplained in the new issue of Nautilus. Here are a handful of highlights from Issue 40.

  • How the Coronavirus Stays One Step Ahead of Us
    Science writer Megan Scudellari has been covering the COVID-19 pandemic since it began. In this issue’s cover story, she brings us a clear and authoritative article on the evolution of the virus, the laws of nature behind it, and what we must do to dampen its effects. If you read only one article on the state of the pandemic today, this is the one to read.
  • One of the Most Egregious Ripoffs in the History of Science
    Watson and Crick made history in 1961 and have since been synonymous with DNA. But did they fail to give credit where credit was due?
  • Where Aliens Could Be Watching Us
    I’m not saying it’s aliens, but just this once, it’s actually aliens. Lisa Kaltenegger posits the idea that extraterrestrial life may be searching for us—and also ponders if they’d think we qualify as “intelligent life.”


These stories are just a sampling of what’s available in the latest issue of the Nautilus print edition, Issue 40.