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How does a billion years of Earth’s history go missing?

Issue 47 of Nautilus brings The Great Forgetting. Summer Praetorius explores how science ripples through our personal lives, juxtaposing the arc of her science with the arc of her brother’s life, culminating in one of the most moving stories we’ve ever published.

Also in Issue 47:

What the Tiny Cluster of Brain Cells in My Lab Are Telling Me

I’ve created organoids that, surprisingly, have a lot to say about how the brain works.

By Kenneth S. Kosik

Where Have All the Snow Crabs Gone?

Is climate change to blame for the disappearance of eleven billion crabs?

By Spencer Roberts

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Uncertainty

How a physicist used the quantum world to make sense of his own.

By Paul M. Sutter