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Are you guilty of “plant blindness?”

In Issue 48 of Nautilus, writer Amanda Gefter discovers that she was. “Plant blindness,” as Gefter learns from her discussions with philosopher Paco Calvo, is the failure to see plants as cognitive organisms endowed with feelings and memories. In “What Plants Are Saying About Us,” Gefter’s houseplants reshape her thoughts on human perception and teach her how to be an active participant in her own life.

Also in Issue 48:

The Remarkable Emptiness of Existence

Early scientists didn’t know it, but we do now: The void in the universe is alive.

By Paul M. Sutter

The Universal Clock of Aging

Evolution is a cruel mistress, having programmed us to die. But can we stop her?

By Elena Kazamia

Will We Know Alien Life When We See It?

There’s no guarantee aliens will look anything like the lifeforms that we are familiar with.

By Conor Feehly