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Are entrepreneurs natural risk takers, or simply infected with a parasite?

In Issue 49, Lina Zeldovich reports on the parasite that makes any intermediate host—wolf, mouse, or human—into a bold risk-taker. Arctic scientists shepherd us through the universe of microbes (bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi) alive in arctic ice, and portend what will happen when it melts. In The Comet Year, an emergency physician observes: Where we once blamed comets, humans have turned to conspiracy theories to sooth uncertainty.

Also in Issue 49:

Slime Wonders

Nearly every evolutionary question can find an answer in mucus.

By Susanne Wedlich

What Does ChatGPT Know About Science?

AI-powered chatbots get science facts basically right, but their reasoning is still shallow.

By Sidney Perkowitz

The Dwarf Planet on Our Doorstep

The series of fortunate astrophysical events that gave us Ceres.

By Sean Raymond