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The Hero’s Journey by Adam Piore

“Anyone can have a hero’s journey if you think about your life in a new way.”

That’s the insight at the heart of the Nautilus Issue 53 cover story. Writer Adam Piore takes us on an adventure of our own that explores the transformative power of seeing your life as a hero’s journey. Can viewing yourself as a protagonist on a transformational quest help you find meaning in life?

Also in Issue 53:

Tesla’s Pigeon by Amanda Gefter

Inventor Nikola Tesla believed he had a telepathic relationship with a pigeon and a way to connect every mind on Earth. Which wasn’t so strange—in his era of magical electromagnetic thinking.

Why Is Everything an Orchid? by Sofia Quaglia

Exploring Darwin’s “abominable mystery”—the breathtaking diversity of orchids.

Thank Eve for Human Evolution by Lucy Cooke
Lucy Cooke talks with fellow author Cat Bohannon about whether it was women who vaulted biological hurdles and forged our evolutionary success.