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    What It’s Like to Be an Ant

    The idiosyncrasies of our social and cultural lives significantly influences our conscious and unconscious responses to the smells of others and our behaviors toward them.Photograph by Gayil Nalls / Installation View: The Hugo Boss Prize 2016: Anicka Yi, Life Is Cheap, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, April 21–July 5, 2017 Right now, at the […]

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    Traffic Wouldn’t Jam If Drivers Behaved Like Ants

    Ant colony optimization has itself migrated with impressive speed and range, and has been taken up residence in all kinds of research pursuits, from estimating electricity consumption in Turkey to designing supply chains to the design of tall bridge piers to robot learning.Photograph by Bernardinus Nugraha / Flickr As someone so flummoxed by traffic I […]

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    The Queen of the Cumberland River

    When I traveled south to research fire ants, I discovered a different kind of hive.

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    Want to Get Out Alive? Follow the Ants

    Ants show that emergency exits can work better when they’re obstructed.

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    Ants Go Marching

    More than an expert traveler, the fire ant is the ultimate invader.