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    When It’s Good to Be Antisocial

    It turns out that, even in a highly coordinated hive, antisocial individuals persist.“Wanderer above the sea of fog,” by Caspar David Friedrich (1817) Bees are emblems of social complexity. Their honeycombs—intricate lattices dripping with food—house bustling hive members carrying out carefully orchestrated duties like defending against predators and coordinating resource collection. Much of our own […]
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    Seeing Electricity, Hearing Magnetism & Other Sensory Feats

    For elephants, feet are sensory organs.Martin Harvey, Getty Images It’s pretty obvious that dogs have sharper ears and cats a keener sense of smell than we do. But as powerful these senses are, they are merely keener versions of the ones we humans possess. The animal kingdom also boast some senses that are arguably more […]
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    Loyalty Nearly Killed My Beehive

    My queen was a dud, and her replacement had been murdered.
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    Tracking Honeybees to Save Them

    Can outfitting bees with tiny radio transmitters solve colony collapse disorder?
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    Human Tendencies

    Some of our most cherished traits are shared by other animals—and even plants.