computer science

  • Spector_HERO-5

    Why a Hedge Fund Started a Video Game Competition

    The chief technology officer of one of the world’s largest hedge funds talks data.

  • Parkin-HERO2

    How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games

    The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck.

  • hamilton coding_HERO

    Why Did Obama Just Honor Bug-free Software?

    The Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, is usually associated with famous awardees—people like Bruce Springsteen, Stephen Hawking, and Sandra Day O’Connor. So as a computer scientist, I was thrilled to see one of this year’s awards go to a lesser-known pioneer: one Margaret Hamilton. You might call Hamilton the founding mother of […]

  • autism emoticons_HERO

    How Autism Shaped the Modern Conversation

    On Facebook, iPhone messenger, and What’s App, conversation is often silent and devoid of body language. Emotions are condensed to icons on a screen: a happy face, a wink, or a kiss blown to a loved one through LTE and pixels. These emoticons (a portmanteau of “emotion” and “icon”) and emojis (everything else from crocodiles […]

  • Gerovitch_HERO-2

    How the Computer Got Its Revenge on the Soviet Union

    Condemned as a capitalist tool, the computer would help expose the USSR’s weakness.

  • Popkin_HERO

    Moore’s Law Is About to Get Weird

    Never mind tablet computers. Wait till you see bubbles and slime mold.

  • Barricelli_HERO-2

    Meet the Father of Digital Life

    This maverick forerunner of artificial life and animation remains largely unknown.

  • Brown_HERO

    Facebook Cools Off

    Supercomputer centers slash excess electricity as smaller ones try to follow.