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    Believing in Monsters: David Livingstone Smith on the Subhuman

    The Nazis called Jews rats and lice. White plantation owners called their Black slaves soulless animals. Pundits in Myanmar call Rohingya Muslims beasts, dogs, and maggots. Dehumanizing talk abounds in racist rhetoric worldwide.What do people believe, typically, when they speak this way? Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . The […]
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    It’s Easy to Make Enemies of People We Only Read About

    Last week, Marco Rubio, a United States senator from Florida, found himself in an unfamiliar position. He felt compelled to remind his more senior colleagues in the Senate of the value of rational debate. Word of this didn’t really catch on until The Washington Post, two days later, ran the headline: “Marco Rubio just gave […]