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    The Problem with Modern Romance Is Too Much Choice

    Are we happier with few or many choices? One subject settles the debate—dating.

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    From Tackles to Tangles: Why Head Hits Wreck Some Athletes’ Brains

    Whole brain sections (top) and microscopic sections (bottom) illustrate the differences between the brains of a 65-year-old control subject (left) and John Grimsley (right), a long-time NFL player whose brain condition affected his behavior and who died in his 40s.BU CTE Center Steelers Pro Bowl center Mike Webster was never your typical meathead. During his […]

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    Why You Keep Dreaming About Being Naked

    Are the common elements in our dreams the result of basic biology, or something deeper?

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    The Family That Couldn’t Say Hippopotamus

    The origins of language are not what inherited disorders seemed to suggest.