• Gallagher_HERO

    The Well-Meaning Bad Ideas Spoiling a Generation

    Psychologist Jonathan Haidt on politics, morality, and the coddling of the American mind.

  • Barrett_HERO

    Ingenious: Lisa Feldman Barrett

    Inside a new theory of emotions that spotlights how the brain works.

  • Fisher_HERO3

    Ingenious: Carl Erik Fisher

    The meditative psychiatrist.

  • Segal_HERO

    Ingenious: Richard Dawkins

    The evolutionary biologist reads Robert Frost.

  • Ingenious_MILLER_HERO

    Ingenious: Richard K. Miller

    Engineering education.

  • Marko_HERO-2

    Her Second Act: Fotini Markopoulou on Life Beyond Physics

    It was time to work with her hands, not only her mind.

  • Comfort_HERO2

    Ingenious: Nathaniel Comfort

    The science historian talks to Nautilus.

  • Ingenious_Lane_HERO

    Ingenious: Nick Lane

    The biochemist explains the elements of life, sex, and aging.

  • Mingarelli_HERO-2

    The Gravity Wave Hunter

    An astrophysicist sits down with Nautilus to discuss cosmology and culture.

  • Perlin_HERO

    Ingenious: Ken Perlin

    We sit down with the virtual reality expert.