• Nance_HERO

    My Personal Quest to Study Supernovae on Mars

    Overcoming sexist naysayers and self-doubt in astrophysics.

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    How I Escaped My Troubles Through Science

    My life in theoretical physics took a fateful turn after 9/11.

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    What Does Any of This Have To Do with Physics?

    Einstein and Feynman ushered me into grad school, reality ushered me out.

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    Five Scientists on the Heroes Who Changed Their Lives

    Meet the inspiring people—none named Einstein—who helped these scientists find their calling.

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    The Parallel Universes of a Woman in Science

    In physics and in life, choice and possibility play against each other.

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    My Family, My Science

    One girl’s scientific coming of age.

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    What’s Your Story? The Psychological Power of Narrative

    We’re all stories in the end. — “The Big Bang,” Doctor Who In 2003, author James Frey published a bestselling autobiographical memoir, A Million Little Pieces, purportedly detailing his struggle to overcome addiction. Nearly three years later, during a riveting appearance on Oprah, he admitted that several supposedly factual details had been embellished or fabricated. All […]