michael segal

  • Tegmark_HERO

    Why the Flow of Time Is an Illusion

    Getting human feeling to match the math is an ultimate goal in physics.

  • matthias_HERO

    Why the Brain Is So Noisy

    The surprising importance of spontaneous order and noise to how we think.

  • Roberts_HERO

    Are There Bacteria in Your Brain?

    A surprising new result catches the attention of the neuroscience community.

  • Fry_HERO

    We Need an FDA For Algorithms

    UK mathematician Hannah Fry on the promise and danger of an AI world.

  • Segal_HERO

    Have Balloons and Ice Broken the Standard Model?

    How five anomalous events at two neutrino experiments provide evidence for supersymmetry.

  • carreyrou_HERO-F

    Does Theranos Mark the Peak of the Silicon Valley Bubble?

    John Carreyrou talks to Nautilus about the lessons of a $1 billion fraud.

  • Campo_HERO

    Meet Harvard’s Own Poet-Physician

    Rafael Campo on finding the humanity in medicine and science.

  • Spector_HERO-5

    Why a Hedge Fund Started a Video Game Competition

    The chief technology officer of one of the world’s largest hedge funds talks data.

  • Artemis_HERO-F

    Andy Weir Visits the Moon

    The best-selling writer of “The Martian” has a new book out, and it’s set closer to home.

  • Boff_HERO

    What If Scientists Were Celebrities?