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    Does Social Media Poison Everything?

    The argument that we have the power to deal with the dangers of social media on our own can come across as cruelly individualistic tech-apologia.Photo Illustration by Victor Moussa / Shutterstock The power of platforms like Facebook and Google has escaped the control of the optimistic technocrats at their helm. And it is wreaking havoc in […]

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    How You Can Be a Less Politically Polarizing Person

    Partisanship doesn’t just affect moral and perceptual judgments—even cold, quantitative reasoning can’t escape its pull.

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    Should Scientists Publish Their Personal Biases?

    What if scientists were more transparent about their values? Would their results and recommendations be better received and more trusted if they acknowledged any relevant personal beliefs that may have shaped their research? Nope. Transparency hurts.Photo Illustration by Francesco Izzo / Wikicommons A lot of modern science challenges us to change our behaviors. Results related […]