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    Ian and the Limits of Rationality

    A student at the edge of reason.

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    When People Are as Predictable as Water

    Can we apply a physics-like reductionism to people? That’s a question we asked Simon DeDeo, a professor of social and decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, who also heads the Laboratory for Social Minds at the Santa Fe Institute. DeDeo was well suited to the question. With a background in astrophysics, studying galaxy formation, he’s […]

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    Why Do So Many Scientists Want to be Filmmakers?

    The problem with C.P. Snow’s famous two-cultures hypothesis.

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    The Bitcoin Paradox

    Why cryptocurrency will always be political.

  • Dedeo-HERO

    Is Tribalism a Natural Malfunction?

    What computers teach us about getting along.

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    Nostalgia Just Became a Law of Nature

    New theories have mixed perception and knowledge into the hardest of sciences.

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    Ingenious: Simon DeDeo

    Cosmic microwaves and crime.

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    When Theft Was Worse Than Murder

    Hundreds of years of trial documents reveal our changing attitudes to violent crime.

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    The Coin Toss and the Love Triangle

    There are two flavors of uncertainty in our lives. Math helps with both.