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  • baby yoda_HERO

    What Makes Baby Yoda So Lovable?

    The ways in which this creature’s creators have successfully modeled him on human attributes can offer insights into how and why people deem certain beings and certain behaviors undeniably lovable.Star Wars Wallpaper / Lucasfilm The internet doesn’t agree on much these days. But there is one indisputable fact: Baby Yoda is absolutely adorable. For the […]

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    The “Emodiversity” of Star Wars

    What the hyper-rational Vulcan Spock represents, psychologist Igor Grossman said, is “uniform emotional down-regulation,” whereas the hallmark of Yoda’s judgment style is his ability to “recognize and balance a wide range of emotions”—a key aspect of wisdom.Star Wars / YouTube This past “Star Wars Day,” May 4, I watched some of the original trilogy a […]

  • Johnson_HERO-F

    The Science of Star Wars Weaponry

    Just how realistic are lightsabers, blasters, and ion cannons?

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    Yoda Is Dead but Star Wars’ Dubious Lessons Live On

      We didn’t say “break the Internet” back in 1999, but if we did we could certainly say that science-fiction author David Brin broke the Internet when he wrote in Salon that “Stars Wars belongs to our dark past. A long, tyrannical epoch of fear, illogic, despotism, and demagoguery that our ancestors struggled desperately to […]

  • Davie_HERO

    Why the Dark Side of the Force Had to Be Dark

    The innate meanings of color and intensity.

  • Davies_HERO-1

    Our Conflicted Feelings For R2-D2

    Lucas’ droids are halfway between human and inhuman, so we can both love and ignore them.