theoretical physics

  • Powell_HERO

    Will Quantum Mechanics Swallow Relativity?

    The contest between gravity and quantum physics takes a new turn.

  • Krauss-HERO-1

    The Trouble with Theories of Everything

    There is no known physics theory that is true at every scale—there may never be.

  • Chiribella_HERo

    Is Your Theory of Everything Pure Enough?

    Fundamental theories of nature aren’t allowed to hide information.

  • DeDeo_HERO

    Nostalgia Just Became a Law of Nature

    New theories have mixed perception and knowledge into the hardest of sciences.

  • Kordahl_HERO

    How Physics Is Like Three-Chord Rock

    Like a set of common chords, the same math appears in diverse fields of physics.

  • Maguelijo_HERO

    The Disappearing Physicist and His Elusive Particle

    He ushered symmetry into theoretical physics, then vanished without a trace.

  • Kaiser_HERO

    The Sacred, Spherical Cows of Physics

    Theoretical physics milks symmetry to power its newest tool.

  • Merali_HERO

    In Search of Time’s Origin

    What happened before the Big Bang?