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    Scientists Can Predict Your Job By Your Social-Media Personality

    People soon might be able to identify career options that truly fit their personality traits and values, based on the digital traces that they leave through their online behaviors.Photo Illustration by Billion Photos / Shutterstock For many of us, finding the “right” career can feel like an impossible feat. When my little sister was in […]

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    How Social Media Exploits Our Moral Emotions

    The architecture of social media exploits our sense of right and wrong, reaping profit from the pleasure we feel in expressing righteous outrage.Photograph by Kitja Kitja / Shutterstock A few years ago, Justine Sacco, then the senior director of corporate communications at the holding company InterActiveCorp, tweeted about the nuisances of air-travel during a long, […]

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    Why Facebook Is the Junk Food of Socializing

    Have you ever been walking in a dark alley and seen something that you thought was a crouching person, but it turned out to be a garbage bag or something similarly innocuous? Me too. Have you ever seen a person crouching in a dark alley and mistaken it for a garbage bag? Me neither. Why […]

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    To Rescue Democracy, Go Outside

    Real spaces, not digital ones, will fix our politics.

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    Far From Home Is Where the Heart Is

    Travels Looking at Mt. Fuji, by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) It doesn’t take advanced technology to prove that we live relatively circumscribed lives. Like tiny planets, we process along a certain orbit, from home, the office, the grocery store, the kids’ school, and back home again, except for the occasional vacation. But thanks to the numerous […]