Women in science

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    Celebrating Women Scientists

    A neuroscientist turned designer has created a unique celebration of women in STEM.
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    The Problem with a New Study on Mentorship in Science

    Arguably the best prescription to improve the situation facing women in science is for there to be more women in science.Oleg Golovnev / Shutterstock The increasing visibility of women in leadership roles is one of the few success stories in the struggle for equality in science. But a new study, which connects how often scientists’ […]
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    19 Women Leading Math and Physics

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta AbstractionsIn an interview with Quanta Magazine last fall, the eminent theoretical physicist Helen Quinn recalled her uncertainty, as a Stanford University undergraduate in the 1960s, about whether to pursue a career in physics or become a high school teacher. “There were no women in the faculty at Stanford at that time in the physics […]
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    Are We Being Too Superficial About the Gender Problem in Science?

    Hope Jahren, a geobiologist at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, is “very cynical about efforts to get girls into science.”Photograph by GSK / Flickr Why should the share of women in a given occupation affect its average pay? It’s a curious inverse relationship. Census data show that when the former increases, the latter decreases—when […]