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    An Ark for Antarctica

    Can we save the frozen continent’s unique fauna?

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    The Mystery of the Largest Light in the Sea

    This giant squid has the world’s biggest light-producing organs. But why?

  • autism emoticons_HERO

    How Autism Shaped the Modern Conversation

    On Facebook, iPhone messenger, and What’s App, conversation is often silent and devoid of body language. Emotions are condensed to icons on a screen: a happy face, a wink, or a kiss blown to a loved one through LTE and pixels. These emoticons (a portmanteau of “emotion” and “icon”) and emojis (everything else from crocodiles […]

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    How Your Embryo Knew What To Do

    The forgotten story of the woman who discovered how animals get their shape.

  • 5. Albino. Magpie hero

    Red-Eyed Magpies, White-Speckled Ravens, & Other Birds of Unusual Feathers

    The strange plumage of genetically mutated birds.

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    These Males Are Cheating Animals

    The tricks they play would make Darwin blush.

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    Fish School Us on Wind Power

    Record-efficiency turbine farms are being inspired by sealife.